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MELBOURNE:   Level 1, 478 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3002
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SYDNEY:   Suite 102, 272 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 2067
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Successful communicators are acutely aware of the many areas of behaviour and technique that impact on their ability to be effective.  The skills to be developed include:

  • A format for a convincing presentation

  • Techniques to assist in preparation

  • What makes an inspiring speaker and the qualities of influential and persuasive people

  • Keeping content manageable

  • Presenting a memorable message

  • How to focus on key issues

  • How to introduce new ideas and concepts

  • Ensuring high attention levels and making content interesting

  • Using notes effectively when you need them

  • Impromptu speaking

  • Design a speech in minutes

  • What gives you authority and presence

  • Thinking quickly on your feet

  • Remaining calm under pressure

  • Skilful use of body language, eye contact and non verbal communication

  • Developing interaction with the audience

  • Managing questions and answers effectively

  • How professionals manage stress

  • Keeping to time