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MELBOURNE:   Level 1, 478 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3002
Ph. 03 9639 2249  Fax. 03 96393051

SYDNEY:   Suite 102, 272 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 2067
Ph.1800 64 60 60  Fax. 1800 64 30 60

Please call John Hamilton, our facilitator, for more information

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There are four sessions
Each of 3 hours at weekly intervals

The four sessions will be based around a program of instruction, practice, coaching and feedback so that each participant develops a strong, consistent and effective communication style.


Session One

  • Setting personal objectives
  • The key elements of presentation
  • Guidelines from the experts
  • What makes an engaging presentation
  • How to address and focus on key issues
  • Voice projection
  • Developing the voice of competence and authority
  • Exploring the elements of influence
  • Handling impromptu situations
  • How to read material and hold your audience
  • Key elements of preparation and managing content
  • Developing a memorable structure
  • Techniques to recall your material
  • Short presentations and evaluation

Session Two

  • Achieving maximum audience attention
  • Body language: the hidden power to influence
  • First impressions
  • The power of presence and how to command attention
  • Mastery of the non-verbal
  • Controlling the thought process - managing the nervous energy
  • Building a positive self image
  • Commitment and conviction - secrets of influence
  • How professionals manage stress
  • Thinking quickly on your feet
  • Presentations and evaluations

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